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” I must tell you that the plaque you did for us turned out beautifully. It was a real surprise for our departing commander and gave us all such a thrill when he opened it on stage and 400+ people in the audience gasped simultaneously, then broke out into spontaneous applause. What a great feeling to know that we absolutely SCORED! with our gift to him. It actually left him a bit speechless. It wouldn’t have been possible without your tremendous talent and the fabulous product you turn out.” Laura

“I was considering some type of remembrance of my beloved Great Dane that passed last year. After looking at Esther’s Web site, I decided her work might fit my needs. Esther was gracious and patient with me in working out a design.

When I received my metal art remembrance of Tito, I was in shock! The metal work that Esther had done brought Tito’s energy to life much more
than a picture could. This piece of art has replaced an empty space in
my heart with a warm memory. After talking with Esther Benedict, I
realized she has a passion in her heart that comes thru as magic in her
art. I went from considering her work “might fit my needs” to utter
amazement of the wonderful metal work she has created. Thank you, Esther Benedict, for sharing your great talent and bringing me such happiness.” – Susan

Customized Trail Ride piece
“The trail ride awards that you made for us were a big hit at our banquet. Everyone loved them. Thank you for your help and great workmanship.”
Butch Myers – President Central Maryland Saddle Club”

“It is amazing! Greg absolutely loves it and it’s very special for us to have! Thank you again so much for your great work and your attention to detail. i can’t believe how much it looks just like Timber.” – Alycia

“I have known Esther since the early 1980’s when she became our farrier. We share a love for animals, trail riding, country music and art (her for creating it and me for admiring it!). I have always known Esther to be hard working, creative, honest, and willing to go above and beyond to get the desired result. Whether it was patching together a crumbled hoof, custom-made horseshoes, making an arthritic horse more comfortable, or designing a piece of art that captures your heart, Esther tackles each challenge with a “can do” attitude. During the past 2 years, I lost two of my best friends. My 26 year old Appaloosa and my 14 year old Dalmatian both left for greener pastures and have left me with a broken heart. A few days ago there was a large package on my porch, and when I opened it, I couldn’t believe my tear filled eyes! By using one of my favorite photos, Esther sculpted an amazing piece of metal artwork that not only touched my heart, but will be an everlasting tribute to my special spotted boys. Thank you, Esther, you are a treasure! Trot on!” ~Tibbie Dell, Clifton Springs, NY
“Last year my father had to put down his team after their many years of service on the farm. It was a sad day for all. I felt the only thing I could do was to make him a metal wall sculpture to help with the memories of this great team. A few days later when he received it, he called, and in a tearful voice, he said how thrilled and happy he was to receive this memento of Frank and Ernest. It is with this reaction, I know the power, the joy and the meaning of having a custom piece made of a loved one.”
Two weeks ago I went to visit my son in San Antonio. While there he took me to the city of Bandera where we went into the Antiques Mall. My son bought one of your metal wall art works, of a Rottwieller’s head and shouders. I don’t know how but you’ve given my best friend back to me. I lost Grizzy to Cancer, four and a half years ago. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of Griz on my shouder. Until now.. I told everyone , that I didn’t want just any Rott. It had to be Griz’s face. And only his face. I know you have never seen my best friends face in person. But I think God meant for you to do this for me somehow. I want to thank you so very much. Griz was so much a part of me, that even after 4 1/2 years I miss him so very much. Thank you for giving me my friend back for me to see his loving face everyday again. You will never know just how much this art work means to me.” – Rose Cain Potosi Missouri
“The work of art is beautiful. Everyone who has come over to the house has commented on the picture, and those carriage drivers and horse people who compete with us recognize it as us immediately. We have it hanging in our home with a light over it. The light brings out the colors beautifully and as the room darkens during the day, the shadows on the picture change with it. My wife is completely thrilled with it. Again, thank you. I’m now thinking what you can do for me for our next anniversary.” Ernie Botte