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Questions & Answers

Can I have a different custom color on my piece, other than what is shown?

Yes, you can. If, for example, you see a horse piece and it has a bay colored horse on it and you would like a paint or palomino, then call or email us and the color can be custom-made for a small $5.00 per animal fee.

This is a custom “Flood Waters” piece done with custom color. The client wanted paint horses and to add a foal. Compare it with the standard “Flood Waters.”

This is a 13″ Saddlebred” piece with a gray horse. Now, compare it with the next image that is the same piece, but the horse is a bay.

Here are two 13 inch “Reiner” pieces to show that color can be changed. One is a palomino horse and one is a black horse.
What does "layered" mean?

The different layers of steel are welded one on top of another and/or spacers are used to give the piece depth. Below you can see the images to help you understand what is meant by layered.

The steel is welded one layer on top of another with spacers in between.

This is a view looking at the bottom side of the piece where you can see the spacers between the layers.

This is the same piece with a view from the end so you can see the layers.

Can I have custom pieces made without a photo?

Yes, you can. Just contact us to discuss what you want. Then a drawing will be made with the concept you have in mind. We will send the drawing to you for approval and, if approved, the piece will be completed.

Below are examples of clients that didn’t have a picture, but had a great idea:

Custom-made piece for client of Grandfather and Grandchildren Layered, natural colored steel with metal dye

Custom-made piece Layered natural colored steel with metal dye

Single layered custom-made piece Natural colored steel

Custom-made piece from a Husband to his Trick Riding Wife Natural colored steel with metal dye

Rainbow Bridge made for passed pets Natural colored steel with metal dye

Can you do custom orders from photographs?

Yes, just provide a photo of what you want made, and a beautiful piece will be created for you.

Examples below from photo to art:

Here is a photo that a client gave us to work from.

Here is the finished piece made from the photo above. People love receiving these custom pieces!

The client supplied this photo for us to make a custom piece for them.

This is the final piece made from the photo above.

Is the color durable?

The color is brought up on the surface of the metal with heat. The colors do not fade over the years. When metal dyes are used, the color does not fade. These dye formulas have been adapted so that they are long-lasting.

Are the pieces indoor or outdoor pieces?

The pieces are designed to live indoors. If, however, you place a piece out of the sun and direct weather on a wall on your porch, it will be okay. If you want a piece for outdoors, please let us know and an outdoor coating will be applied (additional $5.00).

How do you hang the wall art?

Each piece of art has loops welded to the back to make it simple to hang.

Is there any maintenance for these pieces?

No. If a piece gets dusty, then it is suggested that you use a feather duster or moisture-free canned dust remover. Never use anything on the surface other than a feather duster, soft cloth, or moisture-free canned air.